Request for your cooperation for emergency relief for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake – Peace Cell Project

My name is Hiramaru, and I am a team member. I am working with Nahoko Takato, a specialist in emergency relief, and others on a general incorporated association called the Peace Cell Project.
I wrote this article today to inform you about the emergency assistance initiated by the Peace Cell Project, a general incorporated association.

You may have heard the news about the major earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on TV and other media.
On the fourth day after the earthquake, Nahoko Takato and intern Kohei Ruike from the Peace Cell Project (PCP) went to the evacuation centers to conduct interviews and deliver diapers and sanitary products for women, which were the most requested items.

PCP basically focuses on providing educational support for Iraqi children, but the earthquake was close enough to the local PCP office to feel the tremors (the nearest disaster area is a four-hour drive away). As residents of a country that knows the horror of earthquakes, we were heartbroken and held an emergency meeting and decided to collect donations to provide emergency support.
Ms. Takato is a specialist with more than 20 years of experience in emergency relief, and while many aid organizations enter from Istanbul, east of the epicenter, the local PCP office can enter from the western side of Iraq, where relief supplies are difficult to reach, and most importantly, we are a small organization with a lot of local experience and collaborators, which allows us to provide great support!

For a report on how the first aid efforts were made, please visit the Turkey-Syria Earthquake | Peace Cell Project.
We would be most grateful if you could donate or share with us.

トルコ・シリア大地震 | Peace Cell Project

We, the PCP staff, will be in the area this weekend to pick up new supplies and head back to the affected areas.


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